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About Me

Steve is a software engineer at Microsoft who works on tools for Python developers. He also contributes to CPython as Windows build manager, and speaks at conferences about Python, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and other topics.

Hi. My name's Steve Dower and I'm a developer at Microsoft working on a range of tools for Python developers. I'm a core contributor and Windows expert for CPython, and am responsible for producing the Windows builds and installers. I also occasionally work on the Indent Guides for Visual Studio extension.

I obtained Bachelor's degrees in mechatronics engineering and computer science/software engineering in 2009 and a PhD in computer science in 2012 at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

You'll find links to my recent public speaking on the page, and can read about my earlier research work on my page.

I can be contacted by email at

If you like, you can sponsor me through GitHub Sponsors. I don't live off this (right now), so don't feel at all obliged.