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Feb 2020 - This content is mostly archival, as I am no longer working in this area. I have updated links where needed, but the text remains as it did in 2012 (revealing all my now-dashed hopes and dreams). I hope it is interesting to someone, and I am still happy to chat about it.

Pages in this section:

Ph.D Thesis

My thesis abstract, full text and supporting files.


Papers (full text and supporting files) that I wrote during my Ph.D.

Publications (BibTeX)

BibTeX format citations for my work.

Evolutionary System Definition Language (ESDL)

An overview page of ESDL, which was a central part of my Ph.D. work.

ESDL Formatting (LaTeX)

Some LaTeX code for rendering ESDL listings.

ESDL Grammar

A BNF-style grammar for ESDL.

Oliver 30 TSP

Details of a commonly used instance of the travelling salesman problem that are not widely available online.