WCCI 2012

In what will be one of my last appearances as a Ph.D. student, I will be presenting a paper at WCCI next week in Brisbane, Australia. The paper is “Automatic Implementation of Evolutionary Algorithms on GPUs using ESDL” and, contrary to what the WCCI program says, I will be presenting on the Monday at 16:10 as part of CIGPU.

The work in this paper is an application of my thesis work, rather than being central to it. ESDL provides a structural decomposition of an algorithm that allows a software implementation to reconstruct the algorithm through operator composition. So, by implementing a set of operators for a GPU, rather than a CPU, a wide range of EAs can be easily constructed by any developer, whether they have taken the time to learn how to program for a GPU or not.

My presentation will be to an audience with a specific interest in implementing for GPU (at least, that’s what I’m assuming), which means I’ll be able to concentrate more on how ESDL’s robustness and portability can help make CIGPU accessible to more users without compromising on flexibility.

With regards to the performance results I’ll talk about, it’s hardly a spoiler to point out that there is no silver bullet here. Composing GPU-based operators produces faster code than operators written in a scripting language, comparable to CPU-based native operators and not as fast as a monolithic GPU-based algorithm. However, once a suitable set of operators are available, compiling ESDL with GPU-based operators produces code that is almost as fast as writing it from scratch, but without the (very significant) effort required.

If you are attending WCCI this year, feel free to come and have a chat to me either before or after I present (try and avoid doing it during my presentation…). I’m happy to talk about EAs, Python, C#, C++ or C++ AMP, all of which I’ve been using a lot of recently. See you there.