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Poor start

The poor start is only with respect to blogging. Everything else has gone well. I’ve settled into life in the US and have been at work for two months, in which time I’ve done a lot of things I can’t talk about (yet) and some that I can.

I’m on the Python Tools team at Microsoft and our main project is Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS). We’re also the team responsible for supporting Python on Windows Azure and the PyKinect library for the Kinect SDK. Admittedly, between ramping up and other (unannounced) work, I’ve only contributed a few features and fixes.

I’ll probably write some blogs on those features. As I’m a developer and not a Program Manager, I promise that any such blogs will be filled with code and not marketing. While I could probably get a Microsoft-hosted blog (and will quite likely be asked to contribute to one), I’ve already committed to keeping my current site alive, so I’ll mainly post here and cross-post anything I do elsewhere.

Finishing on a more personal note, moving into a new apartment is hard when you don’t have any furniture, nor enough money to buy new furniture. Wait, let me rephrase. Moving is incredibly easy without furniture; living for the next month or two is not so comfortable. The lesson: purchase furniture early and put it into storage. Or find a place that has a really comfortable floor.

Starting fresh…

As I write this, I’m fully aware that this blog is hidden at a super secret URL (/blog) that nobody will find. I would have put off writing anything for a bit longer, but WordPress displays a really obnoxious (and poorly formatted) message when you don’t have any posts. I’ll probably write something else before this becomes the main entry page of the site.

So far, I’ve turned my previous site, which was entirely focused on my research work, into static pages. They need updating anyway, but I’ll get to that eventually. I kept the same theme, mostly because I love the colourful background.

But “starting fresh” isn’t entirely about the new site – I’m also about to generally start fresh in life. In a bit over a month’s time, I will have submitted my Ph.D., moved to a new country (USA), started a new job as a software engineer at Microsoft and restarted blogging (check!).

Every time I have this conversation, the job is what most interests people. I’ll talk about it in more detail later, but not this time.

As for the move, I’ve lived in Australia my entire life with the only exception being three months in the US last year for an internship. Moving for a more significant amount of time is a little intimidating, but having been over already makes it easier. Also, the support I’m getting from Microsoft is very helpful.

I’ll go into more detail on my plans for this blog in a later post, but as with previous efforts (under pseudonyms) it will be a mix of code, general development and possibly education. I’ve never been one for talking about my personal life (ref: my mostly blank Facebook page) but I may throw the occasional non-code post in (like this one).

That’s all for now. I don’t have a blogging schedule yet, but I will and I’ll be sticking to it, which probably means it will only be weekly. First, I need to figure out what to write about…